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U L T R A V I O L E T  S T O R Y

We were stuck at home watching old horror movies with pent-up energy during the lockdowns. Then there was light at the end of the tunnel and instinctively we wanted to write something that hit the gut. It is an expression to say we are all back, a celebration! The song is a metaphor for living a life of freedom, outside the law, by your own rules, but be careful you don’t travel beyond the point of redemption

In 2023 Satsangi signed a new contract with Mr Babu (Mumbai / New York) who commissioned Kolkata based animator Deepayan Purkait  to produce a video for ttheir new single ‘Ultraviolet’, for release on 21 June, Wolrd Music Day.



Written by

Sujatha Menon & Johnny Herbert

Sujatha Menon - Vocals & Words

Johnny Herbert - Guitar

David Holland - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Richard Heath - Keys, Sax, Vocals

Rob Barrett - Drums, Percussion

Recorded by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio

Produced by John Rivers and Satsangi

S A T S A N G I   S T O R Y


Indie pysch-n-roll often raucous sometimes serene


"It all started when downstairs mother was singing classical Indian ragas, upstairs I was listening to Led Zeppelin wondering what it would sound like if Kishori Amonkar sang with the B-52’s.” Sujatha Menon


Satsangi’s music has eclectic influences, rock, punk, indie, jazz, blues, psychedelia, ragas and traditional Indian music. In that sense it is world music, because Satsangi are people of the world.


Rolling Stone Magazine interviewed Satsangi in 2011, publishing a feature on band with a review of their debut album ‘No Shoes In Satsang Hall’. A title inspired by a sign they saw during a visit to Shivanada Ashram and Nayyar Dam, Kerala.


"A wicked bass line, timely sax breaks, and pace-setting rhythm guitar sections. Richard Heath needs special mention for his swiveling spin of a solo on sax. This is a find!"  

Rolling Stone Magazine


The band have earned a reputation for exciting and intensive live performances. They have headlined shows throughout the UK, and internationally in Africa. The band’s initial gig at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club was acoustic, they later returned as headliners with the full Satsangi electric experience, and quite naturally a stage invasion.


“We got our first stage invasion at Ronnie Scott’s and they weren’t too happy because the audience were dancing on the tables.” Johnny Herbert


Satsangi have been invited to open shows for The Kills, Fields, The Dandy Warhols, Dr Feelgood, The Primitives, Dirty Sound Magnet and many more. In 2016 Satsangi were selected as international touring artists to perform at The Web Club in Lusaka, Zambia.

The band have made numerous appearances at UK festivals alongside artits such as James Bay, Elvis Costello, Macy Grey, James, Tom Jones, Imelda May, Van Morrison, Martha Reeves, Steve Winwood, Seasick Steve, and Wilko Johnson.


Satsangi’s videos are broadcast on MTV both in the USA and India. The band have been featured on MTV Iggy in New York, and on MTV Roots, broadcast out of Mumbai (Viacom), a groundbreaking show, promoting new music from global independent artists with Indian origin. They are regularly played on BBC radio stations, and are Featured Artists on The Bobby Friction Show, BBC Asian Network.


“I feel I could play that for the next hour or so, but the I’d lose my job, she sounds brilliant her name is Sujatha Menon, she's the lead singer of Satsangi”. 

Bobby Friction


The band have released a number of albums including No Shoes in Satsangi Hall 2011 (reviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine), Lick My Lungs 2016 (Mr Babu, The Orchard, Sony), You Saw Something 2018, Shivoham - Lockdown Lullabies 2020, and World Falling Down 2021 (Blood Count Records).

2023 Satsangi signed a new contract with Mr Babu (label, Mumbai / New York). Mr Babu have scheduled the re-release of the band's entire back catolgue.


"Hi Su, listened to 'Iodine' again and I must say it's really wicked. Your track reminds me a bit of Sonic Youth, but with definitely better singing and a tough sax break that reminds me of X-Ray Specs. The whole thing sounds nervy, dislocated and very tense, just the way

I like it!"

Steve Chandra Savale

Asian Dub Foundation

She’s a star, I want to work with her."


“Iodine is an awesome song”

Talvin Singh

"Satsangi are spunky new wave."

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