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World Falling Down represents a reaction to a changing world


Through music, videos and Sujatha Menon’s words, our aim is to create an alternative space in which to reflect on the social - political upheaval caused by the personal and collective challenges that face us today.

This project is ongoing and multi-faceted, linking together artists through moving image, music, and poetry. Satsangi are collaborating with Søjus1 and vocalist Shanade Morrow.


We have a long established creative relationship with video artist Paul Windridge with our work being shown on MTV, at international film festivals, on BBC “Big Screens” throughout the UK, and featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.

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The music, lyrics and imagery reflect the uncertain times we are living through in what is being termed the  ‘post-truth ’ age, with social conflict and disputation spreading across many aspects of life, including the effects on individuals and communities of the pandemic, the effects and pressures brought about by the climate change emergency, and the emergence of extreme political attitudes, such as the Far Right in the United Kingdom and in Europe.


WORLD FALLING DOWN music will be released 26 Feburary 2022

WORLD FALLING DOWN movies premiered

The Coventry Dresden Friendship Festival





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